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Supplements for pregnant women

Now offering the best prenatal vitamins available for pregnant moms!

Made by Metagenics, the Wellness Essentials for Pregnancy is a once-daily nutritional support packet formulated to promote the health of both mother and child.

Wellness Essentials for Pregnancy guarantees the recommended dietary intake of vitamins, minerals, and purity-certified omega-3 fatty acids to help a pregnant mother to:

  • Promote a smooth pregnancy
  • Support reproductive health
  • Support muscular relaxation and help to prevent night time leg muscle cramping
  • Relieve prenatal and postpartum mood swings

Wellness Essentials for Pregnancy ensures optimal health for the growing baby to:

  • Enhance fetal growth and development
  • Support the developement of the nervous system with 1 mg of body-ready folate.
  • Enhance fetal brain development with choline and DHA.

Wellness Essentials for Pregnancy    $76.95 for a one month supply
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"Birth was a time of honor for most tribal mothers. A woman in childbirth was
treated with the same respect as a man in battle. In fact, in the tribal mind,
there was a metaphysical equation between the two acts."
- Judith Goldsmith, Childbirth Wisdom

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