About Us

Our Commitment To You:

Here, we envision our role in the process of healing as a two-way relationship where you are an active member of your health care team. Our commitments to you as practitioners are that:

  • We will listen to your concerns and take them seriously.
  • We will explain our treatments so that you understand what we do.
  • We will give you options and respect your right to choose what is best for you.
  • If we do not know the answer, we will tell you.
  • We will honor your right to a second opinion.

We Invite You To Become A Member Of Your Health Care Team By:

  • Becoming knowledgeable about your body and how it works. If you have questions, please ask!
  • Learning as much as possible about your health problem(s) in order to make informed choices.
  • Following our recommendations for care such as home stretching and strengthening exercises, supplementation and application of cold and/or heat.
  • Making better food choices , drinking quality filtered water (and lots of it), reducing stress, exercising and relaxing on a regular basis.



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